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Three days before the race and I was incredibly nervous as I stood with the other unhired racers in a row, hoping to be hired. My black rubber gas suit bore my pressure stat "425" in large proud white letters across my swollen belly as I stood with my hands behind my back. Problem was, so were my other eight competitors, six women and two men. Women had more natural adaptability for this than men did; among men, I was a minor celebrity. The crowds were still milling around as a young debutante—tight sweater, tight jeans--strolled up to me, all hips and lips and boobs.
"Been racing long?" she asked, handing me her card—that of a major retailer. I wondered what the logo would look like on me and hesitated, then said to heck with it.
"Three years on the medium circuits, two years on the maximum ones. I'm good, haven't burst yet," I said proudly as I thrust my gleaming black belly at her. She ran a finger over my belly, sending sharp shocks through my body. I tried to hide it
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Also, always pictures harry with darker hair, but that might be me influenced by the covers. Can't recall what color he describes his h...


Picked up the Dresden Files Accelerated RPG book.  Looks promising.

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Going home that night brought Frank to an even greater discovery about himself that he imagined...or even wanted.
   Sexual arousal caused him to inflate.
   When Frank got home late from school, he avoided making any eye contact with his mom (while really avoiding his sisters) and went straight into his porno stash. While pleasuring himself to some pics of his mother's fellow war-priestesses, Frank closed his eyes and imagined them doing the things to him that happened to his father.  He fantasized about getting bigger, their hands, finger nails, lips tongues and breasts roving over his body, tempting him into a one-way path to the Afterlife. Switching gears briefly, he closed his eyes and thought about being fuller, about Alex or the other girls getting ready to fart/pop him as he ran his hands down his belly, fantasizing about getting bigger, pictured thrusting his belly out as his size and internal pressure constantly increased, even imagining he heard hissing as he got bigger and bigger.  Lost in his fantasy,he pretended to shake and shove his belly forward, inviting their touch...when something actually brushed his belly.  Startled, he opened his eyes and looked
   He actually had been inflating!  Worse yet, his belly was still getting bigger, even as he noticed his arms and legs starting to swell up.  Even as he ran his hands over his swelling girth, he looked in the mirror and saw the target his mom had earlier drawn on him getting larger as his belly got rounder.  
   He prayed.  He concentrated. He tried to think about upcoming tests.
   The hissing slowed, then stopped.  Looking down over himself, he noted that while he could still touch his belly, bending over was a near impossibility.  While still not nearly as round as he got in class today (courtesy of his own mom!), his "junk" as it were was now strictly unavailable at the moment while his arms and legs had definitely swollen up.  "At least my sisters aren't here," he muttered to himself when he heard his mom cry:
   "Dinner's ready!"
   The doors to his sister's rooms flew open as they went downstairs.  Steps receding, Frank breathed a sigh of relief for a moment until he realized one big problem--that is, he was still somewhat inflated.   "No worries," he thought.  "All I have to do is puncture myself and deflate."  
    "Frank, dinner!  Aren't you coming down?" called his mom.  Starting to sweat now, Frank realized that he could only move with difficulty.  Struggling with his form now, he tried to squeeze past his bed in an attempt to reach his desk.  Seeing leftover silverware and plate from his last late-night snack, he planned to grab the knife with his left hand, wedge it into a desk drawer, then carefully impale himself on it so as not to deflate...catastrophically.  He had just barely grabbed it when he heard his mother's voice call, "Frank, if you don't come down, I'm coming up!"  This was almost immediately followed by his mother's steps coming up the stairs.
   That spurred him to thinking--Frank had a choice.  He could either try to deflate himself or he could try to hide his porn stash.  .  
   He chose to hide his porn stash.  Dropping the knife as his mother's steps reached the top of the landing, a series of images ran though Frank's mind: his mom finding the stash, his mom confronting him, his own mom doing unspeakable things to him until...Frank ran his best bluff possible.  Thinking back on his body's reaction, he fantasized about his mom popping him forcefully as he swung his ball of a belly over the stack of pics and covered them up.  He grew several inches forward just as the door to his bedroom swung open to reveal his gorgeous knockout mother.  She stopped and stared as she took him all in...a shiny black orb with limbs in front of her,complete with bulls-eye.
   "I think there's some side-effects from, er, class today, Mom."
   "No side effect at all--it's a feature," she replied with a smirk. "From now on, you'll experience inflation any time you are aroused.  And there's no natural end point--well, no natural end point YOU'D appreciate."  With nail extended, her forefinger traced circles on his distended belly.  "Should I even ask just what you were thinking about," she asked as Frank groaned with pleasure, "that you should wind up so swollen like a balloon, a big black shiny balloon, just begging to be burst?" she asked as she pursed her lips, heedless of the additional swelling her fingernail was generating.  
   Frank thought about his answer, then bluffed.
 Going through his room in spite of his swollen appearance and feeble protests, his mom stopped when she found his secret stash of sweets (though not his porn stash, thank the gawds).  Looking over his stash of candy bars and cupcakes, then at him in his room, his gut jutting out, straining buttons and all, she smiled a poisonous smile.  Running a painted nail over his belly, she murmured, "It's all good, son.  It's okay...because I'm going to feed you until you swell and burst."  She raised her eyes to meet his as she brought her face inches from his, blue eyes gazing into his browns as a cold pit formed in his stomach.
   "Burst you.  Pop you like unlike anything anyone's ever seen...and I've popped a lot of men in my time. They all say they didn't want it, the said they didn't see it coming and call me 'bitch' the last moment before leaving this reality." Slapping his belly and blowing him a kiss, she pinched his nose shut as she shoveled an entire candy bar into his mouth.  
   "Now and chew and swallow--NO!  Chew and there's a good boy/"  Stroking his full belly, she said, "Now you get nice and big and round.  Eat as much as you want, sonny boy, because I'm done with you continually embarrassing me.  
   "I'm gonna feed you til you burst."
   Giving her son a sweetly venomous smile, she turned (brushing her ass against his belly as she did so),mouthed the word 'BOOM' to him, blew him a kiss, then walked out and closed the door behind her.
   "Dinner's ready whenever you want it."
Edited 'A Mother's Love.'  Tell me what you think.
Came in to my FLGS today.  There written on the whiteboard in the backroom:"Please try not to stink so much."
Cue everyone that sees the board (almost always a male) sniffing himself...
An admirer of my work recently told me that he loved my stories but was slightly disturbed my the morbidity of the popping--specifically, I think, that the gals would deliberately target people to fatten them up and explode them.

To be honest, I self-identify with all the victims in my works.  ALL of them.  Meaning that if I had to pick a way to go, I'd be quite a while deciding.  As a person that struggled with a weight problem all my life, having this particular fetish rather left me in a quandary.  Bullied for the weight problem (and being completely unable to stick to a diet),  I'd always harbored the dream/fetish of being made to inflate/expand to the point of explosion.  Later when I actually got the weight under control (mostly), the fetish remained. 

I do not write these stories to disparage anyone, but because these are ways I'd actually prefer to make a Grand Exit, if given the choice and ability (or at least flirt with the idea, fer cryin' out loud). 

That said, I've started on another story, it involves popping and explosions, and if you no like, you no read. 


wolfgang petersen
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1) I work for living
2) Yes, I RP; inflation themes are air, gas (duh), water, oil and firm weight gain. What I don't/won't employ is cum and berry stuff. Neithe do anything fo rme.
3) My rp's always end in a bang.
4) Have fun and feel free to leave comments.

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